North Cyprus - Airport transfers from Ercan

The quickest way to start your holidays in North Cyprus is to buy a cheap flight to Ercan Airport from here you can hire a taxi, or take public transport to most holiday resorts in the region. The transfer time from Ercan Airport to Kyrenia takes around 25-30 minutes and will cost between £20 - £30 each way to Famagusta its around 40-45 minutes and costs around £30-35 each way. Most package holidays to North Cyprus include transfers in the price but make sure you check with your tour operator whats included

Northern Cyprus - Larnaca airport Transfers to Kyrenia and Famagusta

If you dont mind a longer trip over land you can also fly to Larnaca airport in Southern Cyprus. However, beware as prices vary check around expect to pay at least £50 each way for a transfer to Kyrenia and slightly more to Famagusta. Check the North Cyprus tourist board for more info on reputable Taxi companies in Northern Cyprus or click links below.

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